Data Transformation Validation for a Global Investment Bank

Data & UI Validation for the Commission Calculation Product at a Global Investment Bank

Project Description

Pallas Infotech delivers Quality Assurance (QA) for a comprehensive Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution to a leading Canadian Investment Bank. This project exemplifies our comprehensive understanding, technical proficiencies, and resource capacity to meet the needs of a large of a large, complex program. 

Scope, Size, and Complexity

The software solution was designed to calculate & manage commissions for stock market agents operating globally and stands as a testament to our proficiency in handling large-scale, complex projects. The platform permits users to import data file types into a common database with an infinitely customizable schema, allowing unlimited field variables. Further complexity was added by incorporating nested calculated fields designed and managed by administrative users. Pallas Infotech delivers Quality Assurance (Functional, Automation, and Performance) testing to this program.

This platform is fortified with a multi-tier security system comprising the highest level of main administration, client-level administration, and daily users. The level of sophistication and the multifaceted nature of security tiering indicate our ability to manage projects of substantial complexity. 


The project posed numerous challenges, including a lack of appropriate testing methodology on the client side. Pallas Infotech implemented Lotos Test Manager, its IP, to manage the testing activities & test data management. The Lotos Test Manager facilitated efficient test case management, Regression, Smoke Testing, and Test Case Approval management, thereby significantly enhancing the ultimate system quality. All deliverables were met on time, within budget, and garnered highly positive client feedback. 

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